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Brief Introduction

Kede College of Capital Normal University (Code No. 13629) is a regular institution of higher education approved by Ministry of Education, enrolling over 5000 students. Its admission is integrated with the national institutions’ enrollment plan,and it covers over 30 provinces nationwide. There are 32 undergraduate majors under four schools ranging from Art & Design,Public Communication & Mass Media, Performing Arts, and International Business.

Kede is located in Daxing district, Beijing, housing more than 333 square kilometers and 935 square kilometers of teaching and practice base. Kede is proud of its advanced libraries, laboratories, its unique architecture style and its beautiful campus.

Kede College owns a first-class teaching faculty with a good structure of age, title, diploma, and a good variety in education background. A number of distinguished scholars and artists including Yang Weiguang, Ouyang Zhongshi, Luo Jinlin, Zhong Chengxiang, Shangyang, Zhang Renli, Li Renshu (Korea), Wu Yu, Yang Yongshan, Fang Qiong, Gao Yalin lecture in Kede.

Kede updates its education idea and innovates its elite cultivation model. To pursue interaction and academic exchange between various types of arts subjects and to improve teaching quality.Kede has framed a comprehensively elites cultivation plan and has organized an “Education & Teaching Consultation & Supervision Commission” with distinguished art institutions including Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing Film Academy (BFA), China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA),

Kede College joins hands with a lot of renowned universities and enterprises to set up various outstanding students’ learning and training bases, including CCTV, China Film Group Corporation, China International Exhibition Center, National Center for the Performing Arts, and 798 Arts Center so as to intensify students’ capabilities.In order to expand international cooperation,it has collaborated with many overseas universities of USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Korea. The “3+1” and “1+3” education modes have been in effect for 4 years, with tens of students studying abroad. The progressing of internationalization of Kede has been continually carried forward.

The campus culture of Kede College is distinctive and diversified. Students’ societies like plays, dancing, music, photographing, digital animation, and volunteering center have not only colored students’ leisure life, but also decorated the campus with varieties. Many students have taken parts in Beijing Olympic Games celebration activities and Wenchuan Earthquake relief work.

Kede college adapts academic credit system with four years’ curriculum. If students are qualified for graduation, they will be issued with Graduation Certificate of Kede College, which is admitted by the nation and electronic enrolled in Ministry of Education. Students qualified for a degree,a certificate of Bachelor of Arts Degree of Kede College of Capital Normal University will be issued.


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